Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Salam All,

If ada any case as below. follow steps.

CASE : Client made payment for ASTRO shares to the wrong IB. Instead of CIMBIB which was his/her designated bank, the client paid to MAYBANKIB.

HOW TO RECTIFY : send email to MAYBANK IB Settlement Team at informing of the mistake ie should have paid to CIMBIB and not MAYBANK IB and give details of  - name, IC, contact no,  no of shares allocated and scanned copies of (1) proof of payment (2) letter of offer from MITI.

WHAT WILL MAYBANK IB DO : Once they have verified clients payment, they'll get client to fill up form and transfer the monies to CIMBIB on client's behalf.

NEXT STEP : Client must proceed to send the other stated documents to CIMBIB as requested.


On behalf of PRIBUMI

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